K Creative Artificial Image Prize

(K-CreAI Prize)

Background of enactment

– Curiosity and questions are unique human characteristics that distinguish them from machines in the digital world, and in a modern society where information is overflowing, insight from good questions is more important than memorizing answers/knowledge.

– Curiosity and questions are one of the most important abilities, especially for those in the field of science and technology, and they should be developed from an early age.

– Children who are interested in science and students need a system or program that encourages questions and draws insightful questions so that they can continue their curiosity.

– In particular, the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology represented by ChatGPT enables children’s imagination to be embodied in art and images.

The purpose of enactment

– Singapore is a small but strong country and is becoming a hub for talented people around the world based on a stable government system.

– Based on this, talented people are gathering, and West is becoming a hub of the Silk Road where East meets.

– Based on this, professors and researchers from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University lead the KSEASG and KOFST jointly establish the K-CreAI Prize, which encourages students to continue their science and technology development with images and art.


– Target: Overseas Koreans
– Category: 4 sessions (for elementary school students or younger / elementary school students / middle and high school students / college students)
– Support: Submit images and required information (*Details later)
– Application deadline: June 30 2024
– Winners Announcement: August 5, 2024 Website
– Prizes: Medals, certificates, prizes
– Date and time of award ceremony: August 15, 2024
– Place of award ceremony: Suntech City Golden Village Movie Theater
– Judge: the Korean Association of Scientists and Engineers (KSEASG)

[Image submitted]
Basic Requirements

– Format: JPG or PNG
– Image Q : 1 ~4 images (Capacity: 24 Mb or less)
– Description of Images:  100 words
– Contents: Self-introduction (Name, Affiliation) / Question / Reason for question
– Language: Korean or English

**The image can be used for the online platform and promotion of the Korean Association of Scientists and Engineers (KSEASG) in Singapore, and it has been revealed that the submission of the image agrees.